The cultural space Contenedor Cultural welcomes the popular K-Pop contest alongside an Asian Party with more than a hundred participants

The 33rd edition of the fantasy film festival of the University of Málaga had a weekend full of events and screenings that, for the fourth day in a row, sold out of tickets for five films and filled the venue at the campus in Teatinos. Saturday brought morning sessions to Albéniz cinema that registered great attendance, specially for River, the Japanese film about time traveling directed by Junta Yamaguchi, for which there were no more tickets since the beginning of the week. The same thing happened during the evening session, with sold out for the second screening  of Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant and Red Rooms, a Canadian thriller production praised in contests such as Karlovy Vary or Sitges.  

At the same time, in Alcazabilla 1, Little Bone Lodge has been screened once again, one of the films that competes in this year’s Official Section for the price of 9.000 euros that Fancine awards the best film of the festival with. This film, a home invasion where the ones in danger are actually the burglars, was presented by Neil Linpow, scriptwriter, producer and main actor of the film. During his meeting with the audience, the filmmaker explained that this work was filmed with very little time and a low budget, set in a farm twenty minutes from of London. This story about family bonds is inspired in the real disappearance of Madeleine McCann, an event that had an impact on him, with influence of works such as Misery and creators like David Fincher. Furthermore, Linpow confessed that he wrote the script knowing that he would take the role of one of the protagonists, as he was at a point in his career where he wasn’t inspired by any other projects that he was offered. This film premiered internationally in Fancine, although in England—his homeland— he says it was a great success, so now it begins a tour around North America. About whether this story will have a prequel or not—specially for the character of the mother, who has the main role in the plot—he confirms that he has some ideas in mind, but he would need economical support to take on the financing.

And the last two guests for the day were Kevin Iglesias and Daniel M. Caneiro, producer and director of Deviant, one of the films for the National Fantastic section. The film starring Alain Hernández and Fernando Albizu tells the story of Javier, a married 45-years-old man with a humdrum life, who is tempted by a friend to try a dating app. He then meets Mónica, who seduces him with hot texts and photographs. When she proposes a romantic night, he goes to her place and falls into Óscar’s trap, a sociopath with a desire for revenge. This is the first time that the film will be screened in cinemas and both creators were happy to watch it on the big screen. The both chatted lively with the attendees, joking about the casting, the plot and technical aspects of the film, like filming, which took place in the Basque town of Armurrio, where Iglesias was born. “We didn’t have the money for background actors, so my mother is in it with different outfits.  I even stole the electricity from my neighbours”, he said ironically.

Public voting for the official competition carried on with two French film screenings: Vincent doit mourir, directed by Stéphan Castang, where a dull man is surprised by sudden attacks from strangers who want to kill him. After its great time in Cannes, the film filled all spots for its first screening session in Málaga. And secondly, The Beast, the new project from Bertrand Bonello, starring Léa Seydoux and George MacKay. The French producer divides this story, where Artificial Intelligence plays a major role, in three different periods of time to show a love story that survives time and technological advances.

In addition to this, one of the most awaited events of Fancine took place in the Contenedor Cultural: the K-Pop contest.  At noon, this popular dancing contest welcomed a great group of young people who sang and danced along their favourite Korean artists. A group of international students from Korea were a sensation among the attendees, who could also enjoy food and other stands throughout the day. The winners were announced after this Asian Party, Lucia, Zhepix and Sara were the winners of the individual category, and the group Sorprendidas won the group category, followed by Los Villanos and DayDream.

Simultaneously, sound fiction Sonoterror: El Terror Se Escucha, from Todo De Zombie and Monnako Producciones, has begun its sessions in the Contenedor Cultural.  During the whole day, the public could discover the preview of what will be their next project. Attendees enjoyed an immersive experience where just headphones and a blindfold were needed. A real demonstration of how sounds can take us to unimaginable places.

Schedule for Sunday 12th November

The undeniable protagonists of this Sunday will be the little ones, who will be able to enjoy children’s workshops and the film Monster House of the Family Session section in the Contenedor Cultural. At the cinema, Fancine will welcome the team of Os reviento, the same afternoon that Salem and The Uncle join the competition. Lastly, the section Home Sweet Asian Home, in collaboration with CineAsia, will end with a free screening of Impetigore.